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Season’s of Change

Yes, for some the trees are changing colors, the temperature is getting cooler (or hotter), and outside decorations are changing as the holiday season is approaching.

We also have our own personal season of change.

My 15 year old so is a freshman in high school. Due to medical reasons he had to change his instrument in band. A new instrument for a new school, new grade, and a new school year. 

My 10 year old son started a new school as well, up to middle school he went. He also got his first phone because he walks home from school (a whole 3 blocks, but I feel better knowing he has it)

For me the old is new. I stayed home for several years after trying to work part-time a few years ago. I just couldn’t physically handle it. The kids are older now and very self efficient. I wanted to go back to work.

I turned my resume in at my old office. By the end of the day I had a job!! There is even a new office building. I work in the old building for now. I occasionally run across glimpses of my past work life, paper work, stuff in the kitchen, even a couple of old co-workers.

Life is full of seasons, make them count!

Summer Challenge Success

I challenged myself at the beginning of summer to be creative everyday. A day or two that was just coming up with dinner or something to keep the family from being bored.

The 15 year old had glaucoma surgery this summer in both eyes. Each surgery took my son and I out of town for almost a week. PLUS the follow up visits. The other children stayed with their father during these visits. I made freezer meals so all they had to do was plop something into the slow-cooker. I am pretty sure the 10 year took charge of this. He is rather independent. 

Everyday except two days I did SOMETHING creative. It might have only been a few crochet stitches, but something was done.

I finished creating 2 dresses, a skirt, altered several items, made 2 bags, and colored in adult coloring books.

I learned in doing this challenge that I am happiest when I am creating. Creating is my zen and gives me calmness.

Creating creates a better me.

Here are a few of my creations that I completed this summer:

Crochet Skull Shawl

Skull and Roses dress

Travelers Notebook from a tote bag, insert from gift bag

Eye shield holder

Marine Travelers Notebook

Small purse to match dress

Wine messenger bag

Infinity dress


Creatively Finding Creativity

I find myself coming home at 10:15 PM after leaving my  house at 10:15 AM.  It was a rather busy day as you can tell from the hours.  First we went to church, than I hosted a wedding shower, then took the kids swimming, went to eat supper with a friend, and finally hit the grocery store.

As I was FINALLY coming home I was thinking I really am to tired to knit and there is no way I am going to stand anymore today at my sewing table to continue working on the grocery bag I am making.  Surely I can’t fail my summer challenge. I MUST have been creative SOMEWHERE at SOME POINT today.

And, of course, I was.  The wedding shower wasn’t exactly as planned.  The items we needed for two different games never showed up. I came up with a game on the spur of the moment with what we did have.  It may not be a crafty item, but it was still creative.  THAT is the point of this summer challenge. BE CREATIVE!!   It is also okay to be creative in finding where that creativity from the day happened.  Being creative is thinking on your feet sometimes.  

Over all the day was good and I got to hear my children laughing. That is always a good day.  Also, this blog post counts as being creative, so TWO creative points for me today!!    (Please forgive any grammar errors or typo’s. I am one tired Mamma tonight)

My Summer Challange

I am a stay at home mom to 4 kiddo’s with the age range of 19 to 10 years old.  Although one is technically an adult he will still always be my kid.

I find myself so caught up in trying to find things for us to do to keep us busy and out of the house most of the time that I usually get stressed out and forget about me.

My zen is either being at the beach or creating something.  SO this summer I am challenging myself to be creative EVERYDAY!  It may only be a few minutes of knitting or crocheting, but SOMETHING everyday to keep myself centered.

Today I made an eye patch my for 15 year old son. He has to have eye surgery for the glaucoma this month. Who wants to wear just a boring gauze for 24 hours?  This was his idea! I was just the mom that made it happen.




How will you be creative this summer and find your zen?

End Scene-Spring Break Take 2015

It is (FINALLY) the close of Spring Break 2015.  We have lived in our home 10 years in June, been married 13 years this past Feb, and have so much happening in our lives.
The boys are 19, 15,  and 10. The only girl is 12.

Our town has a local festival from Tuesday through Sunday of Spring Break. You may purchase ahead of time a passport that allows you to ride unlimited rides the entire time of the festival.  We all got one except the 19 year old. He didn’t get one because he would have to purchase his own (IF he was in college I would purchase it for him)

Husband takes off from Wednesday until the following Monday. He needs a day to recoup without kids.  I tell him it is a sign he is getting old.

The next BIG city to us is Houston, which is 2 hours away.  We took a day in Houston to go to a favorite restaurant, shop, and just have an adventure.

This year

  • we found an ethnic shopping area

    Large “Pearl”

    Vii sports anyone?

  • the husband found a gun store with a lot of neat collectible guns (he left empty handed)
  • we made the bayou burp

    A button to make the bayou burp

    Burping Bayou (please excuse the blurring bridge edge, I am short)










  • we saw Downtown Houston from the 60th floor

Downtown Houston from the 60th floor

  • we went through tunnels under downtown Houston
  • we got caught in a rain storm a mile from our car ABOVE ground at this time
  • we went to a Tea House and I was expecting tea with scones, NOT tea with pearls. 
  • we saw bats fly out from under a bridge in Houston


    Bats coming from a bridge

Saturday we were to spend all day at the local festival and enjoy fair food. Now our fair food is unlike any other!  ONLY local non-profits may set up food booths. Everything is homemade by our own community members. I will spare you the delicious menu we have to choose from.

ANYWAYS!!   Saturday it rained ALL day!  Thunder, lightening, flooded cars in low places RAINED!!   SO off to the mall we went.   Yea, it was a “mall”. I bought a shirt, a used video game and little junk for the kids from the fair money.    Early night on Saturday.

Sunday the littler kids took turns going off with the 15 year old to ride the rides. The hubs and I walked around and looked at the vendor booths.  A kid was with us some of the time and they got some inexpensive stuff, candy, hat, etc..  We all went and got food from the food booths.

I discovered my ALL TIME FAVORITE RIDE!!   Remember, we have those passports that lets us ride all the rides we want? I can’t believe it took me this many years (13) going to this festival for me to discover this ride:


My favorite ride of Spring Break 2015

Yep, I am SITTING.. We brought fold out chairs and a cooler with drinks.  The only thing I forgot was my knitting..  

Sigh… I now join the ranks of the parents that camp out while the kids go and have fun.  I enjoyed my time (mostly) chasing the little ones and riding the rides with them until I am the one that had to say no more these past years.

I also learned at the end of the day that the 19 year old wants to go out of state with a friend and try to make his way.

This was my first Spring Break as a “camp out parent” and might be last  Spring Break to have all my children in my home.  A sign that I am the one getting old.

Spring Break 2015 was full of memories and if you endured this post, thank you for sharing a glimpse of it with me.

Be Thankful for your Servants

Have you thanked your servants today? They work hard for you daily and I bet you barely notice them.  What? You don’t HAVE servants?  You might just have a lot more servants than you realize.  You are probably thinking I really need to stop reading The Help (if you haven’t read The Help READ it. Watching the movie doesn’t count!!).  Well, I am not reading The Help at the moment, although it really is worth a second read.  Let me tell you how my servants have helped me today.

One made my coffee this morning.
One carried my kids to school and me on errands.
One pumped water into house.
One washed my clothes.
One dried my clothes.
One started the fire so our supper could be made.
One cooked our rice.
One even sews for me, although I didn’t use her today.
One to do most of the dishes will arrive on Wednesday as the old one decided to stop working for me a few months ago.

Oh you think EVERYONE has most of these servants?  No, not everyone does. There are many many people that do not have these everyday servants.

I know I am so VERY thankful my servants help me daily allowing me to have more time to do other things.

Thanks for all the Years

Today I morn the loss of a wonderful servant. She has been with me for 12 years, ever since my daughter was born. She has worked hard all these years. Washing baby diapers, baby bedding, and all the clothes of my tribe without a single complaint until last year.I was able to meet her demands last year so she lasted until today.

Today she poured water all over my garage floor. Today she asked for more than I am willing to give her. She will be sent away soon and I will replace her with a younger hard worker.

Fare thee well my friend, you have served my family and I well.

Cake is in the Bag

I am driving along a road in a small local town. People are looking at me funny and I realize I am driving down the wrong side of the road. I approach a stop sign and go to stop. My van is slowing, but is not coming to a completed stop.  I am grateful no one else is crossing the intersection and that no police are watching. I drive another block or two and see a little shop I haven’t seen before. I decide to park and go take a look. This is an old downtown feel area, as you have to park on the side of the road.

I go into the shop. There is a cash register to my left, double glass doors straight ahead, and an open area to the right that leads to a wider more open area to the left that can’t be totally seen what is there.

I go through the double glass doors and there are clothing racks. I start to browse and look at dresses and prices. I notice the tag and prices and think to myself,”Why would I pay $30 when I can get that same exact dress for $5 online. Same brand too.”


I keep browsing along, and next thing I know I am walking towards the area that I saw when I came in that was to my right.  I look behind me and a lady is following me. I see that the area is a salon so I turn around. The lady asks me if she could help me. I tell that I didn’t know it was a salon and I don’t need any services today. 

I have merchandise in my hand, but to get back into the clothing area I have to go back through the double doors in front. I hang a dress back up, after all why would I pay that?  I notice I have a $40 bra in my hand. I think to myself,”Why would I pay that when I bought the exact one for $4 at Kohls.”  

I kneel down to hang the bra on a low rack and my purse dumps out onto the floor.  Little bakery bags of mostly eaten cakes fall out. Some from the local bakery and some from the Bucks coffee place.  I am scrambling to put them all back in my bag while fighting with merchandise in my hand.

Then I wake-up…

SO I guess I want new clothes and I got hungry while I was sleeping..

Loong Weekend to a Close

I hope everyone can look back on this weekend and find something to smile about.

A Moment in Time- November 14, 2014

A picture with no words from my week.

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