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It Is DONE! YAY!!!

I can’t express how happy I am that the holidays are over and done with.  Oh, I enjoy the music, the decorating that others do, the looks on the kids faces when I get a present right.

I do not like the stress of any of it. The stress of making gifts (this year my machine died before most of them could even  be made), hoping to afford to buy gifts, the menu planning (and hoping there is money for that too), the wrapping of the presents, and the increase of people out and about too.

I am really beginning to think Christmas is overrated.  Not the recognizing that Jesus was born part (the census was called in August, therefore we are a few months late in this celebration, but the topic of pagan practices by Christians is another topic all together), but the materialistic part of it.  We use this time of year to emphasize peace, love, and good will to all men.  Why should that just be once a year?

On one hand we teach the kids to help those that we can, and on the other hand we ask them to tell a fat stalker what they want for being good.  I think this is a conflicting lesson.

The kids didn’t get everything they wanted (a good lesson, but I hate giving it).  The kids did appreciate what they did get.  We enjoyed a day hanging out, watching movies, snacking and playing games.  All with LIMITED conflicts!!   THAT in itself is an amazing Christmas gift to me. 

Now that this season is done with I start bargain hunting for next years season of gift giving and mixed lessons.

Merry Christmas to all!

Thankful Thursday- Thursday Nov 14

One day before the weekend starts, most of the week is finished.  

SO, here is this weeks Thankful Thursday List:



Yes, that simple!   Growing up we are often told, “No, you don’t feel that way.”

NO ONE can tell you how you feel.. What you feel IS real. It might be from a misunderstanding, but it is still YOUR FEELINGS!!  No one may agree with you, but that doesn’t change the fact that is how you truly feel.

Don’t try to change how others may feel, instead try to understand WHY they feel that way.

Why The Scarlet Letter

In high school, a lifetime ago, I read a lot of those “required books”.  Often reading ahead and finishing the book before the rest of the class.  The Scarlet Letter  is of the few books I do remember reading and enjoying.  I do not claim to be all knowledgeable about all that is written, nor do I have perfect grammar, or spelling.  I am only a person that has had a love for reading and the written word as soon as I started reading well at the age of 8.

Yes, I typed 8 years old. I was told at the age of 5 years old that I would never read at all.  I showed them :p.

I was at the book store near the classics and a teenager with her mom walked past.  The teenage noticed the classics and said, “I don’t know why  The Scarlet Letter  is still read in school.  There are so many other books that are newer and better written books.”

I wanted to answer her right then and there, but did not.  Instead I will answer her question here.

WHY is The Scarlet Letter  still a good book to be read in school?  Because it teaches us many things.

1. HISTORY: What it was like in the day of the Puritans. How women were treated then. The fear they had of anything “evil”, or rather what they perceived to be evil.  Their way of punishments.

2. LOVE:  No one can tell you who to love, even when society perceives it as wrong.

3. PERSEVERANCE:  You take what is given you and keep fighting for yourself and those you love and move on.

4: WRONGFUL LAWS:  Don’t let stupid laws stand in the way of what is right. FIGHT for those laws to be changed.


It has been awhile since I have read The Scarlet Letter,  but I do plan to read it again very soon.

If you have anything else to add to the list of WHY this book should still be read in schools please add them in the comments section. I look forward to seeing the comments.


A Moment in Time: Hats

A picture with no words from my week.

You can see more pictures here:   A Moment in Time Picture Album

A Moment in Time is a ritual adopted from Life – Inspired by the Wee Man. Check out her blog…it is beautiful, and if you are moved to, please leave a link to your Moment in the comment box below.

Thankful Thursday November 7, 2013

One day before the weekend starts, most of the week is finished.  

SO, here is this weeks Thankful Thursday List:

Healthy children
Food to feed those children with
A growing business that keeps me busy
My theater family, I finally found where I belong!

Waiting is Over

The evening of the auditions we received no news. My darling 8 yr old son was so nervous he could hardly sleep. He finally laid down when I told me we would hear something the next day. He was a very sad little boy going to sleep that night.

The next morning I hear from the teen director that he wants both of my sons in his skit ( The Children’s Christmas Productions is put on by the teens in the community theater and each skit has its own director).

I hurriedly go tell my sons that they DO indeed have a part and they WILL be in the play!  The joy in the 8 yr old’s eyes was as if he had just been told he got the lead in a Broadway play.

I am SO very proud of both of them. This was my youngest son’s first time to audition and it really took all the courage he had to give it a go.

I can’t wait for December 17th.  My only daughter turns 11 and the Christmas production opens.  I am  one proud mamma!

Waiting is Hard

I am an active member of our local community theater.  I love everything, not just performing and being on stage.  I love getting the show ready, helping with the set, and of course making sure those costumes fit right.

It is an adrenaline rush to audition for play.  To watch others and know they are better then you. The HARDEST part is waiting to hear if I have part, and if so WHAT part.  Imagine an 8 year old little boy going through that emotion. 

 Tonight my 14yr old son and 8yr old son auditioned for the Christmas production.  I think they both did very well.  My 14yr old was just in a production of Much Ado About Nothing with me and he loved it.  He has been bit by the theater bug.  Tonight was my 8yr old son’s first time on stage.

On the way home he was crying. He is so nervous and worried.

I find it hard on me waiting to find out if I got part, but now I am finding it even harder to watch him wait and see.  Waiting to hear for HIM is so much harder for me then when I give it try.

They will never know what we parents go through until they have one (or more) of their own.  He needs to go to bed, but he can’t sleep.  :(

This waiting IS HARD on both of us.

Stay at Home Mom?? WHEN?!

I am a stay at home/work from home mom.  WHEN do I stay home?  HERE is my Day

7:50 am: Leave for grocery store that is a hour away

11:45 am: grab a bite to eat

1:00 pm: Home to put up groceries

2:30 pm: Go pick up kid from school

3:10 pm: Get gas

3:20 pm: Back home. I cut up vegetable to go in the freezer, help kids with home work, get 10yr old daughter situated with making supper of chili dogs with 18 yr old supervising

4:45 pm: Leave with 14 yr old to go to Jiu jujitsu class

5:15 pm: Drop kid off at class and I go see a sewing client down the road

6:45 pm: Home again. Cook me some supper, and ice a sore hip

8:11 pm: Start this blog and wishing I was in bed


Tomorrow is a morning dentist appointment and help a friend paint, plus my sewing orders. Then kids, supper, and auditions for the kids at the local community theater for the Christmas program.

WHEN does a “stay-at-home” mom STAY home??

You know what? Most does I love my busy life. MOST days.. Some days I just need a glass of wine and a hot bath.

Burning Bridges

We all have done it. Some on purpose, some on accident, and some from just being plain stubborn and full of pride.  

In the beginning of the year something happened to make me think very hard about burning a bridge. I hurt for months over it, and then one day I decided to light the match, walk away, not look back,  AND FORGIVE.

I felt happy again! I felt light!

I NEEDED to forgive!!  They didn’t know I forgave them, they didn’t need to. I needed to let them go. Yes, I miss them. The were very dear to me, but this had to be done.

Some bridges can and should be repaired and walked back over. Often though it is best to leave the hurt on that burning bridge, take the memories, and walk away.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean turning back, it means not harboring the pain and bitterness you have over whatever caused the pain in the first place. Forgiveness doesn’t mean walking right back into the situation either.

I can quote you all kinds of scripture here, but none of them say to “go back”. The forgive and forget part isn’t about actually forgetting the sin that happened. I believe it means to not hold the sin against them.  (I am not saying what happened was sinful, even though it was emotional painful).

Forgiveness doesn’t mean going backwards, but to move forward.


Here is what I posted on FB that sparked this blog post:

As a look back on a bridge I burned I remember why I burned it. I forgive those that caused the need for the bridge to be burned.

I also have no desire to rebuild and cross the bridge again.

Forgiveness is one thing. It allows me to move forward, not backwards. Going backwards is not always a part of forgiveness. 

I don’t regret the lessons learned.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2013

Today I am not going to post a new blog. Instead here is a post from the past. 

Peaceful Light


And a group of post about Suicide. Please stop by.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2013


Peace and blessings